Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Just found this:

Zookeeper, (KZEW 98.5radio station I think. A.B. ) I have copies and originals ...

I also have a copy of the "Fool's Day Parade" that we aired on April Fool's Day 1976. While the parade was a pre-recorded fabrication of Buffalo George Toomer, many people assumed it was real. Buffalo George wrote all the bits and we produced them out as though we had a booth at an actual parade. We really did get some calls at the station from people who had come from out of town to watch the parade and were pissed they couldn't find it.

From "D" MAGAZINE 1983
"On April Fool's Day, hundreds of people gathered downtown for the event, which (April Fool's!) did not happen. Not really, that is. Instead, Toomer and KZEW staff members broadcast the "imaginary extravaganza," using Toomer's hilarious script and taped crowd noises.

As grand marshal of the parade, Buffalo George kept the listening audience abreast of the bogus happenings: The Texas Rangers' float was pulled out of the parade, and the Rangers were ticketed by police for impersonating a major-league baseball team; The Dallas Morning News float couldn't complete the parade route since, according to Toomer, "it had never been able to make a left turn."
The Dallas Marijuana Society's float was seen in hot pursuit of the Frito-Lay float, which carried several hundred pounds of munchies. A good time was had by all, except for those looking for the announced starting point of the parade -the "intersection" of two streets that do not intersect."

This is fucking classic Buffalo George Toomer!

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shinedesignstudios said...

Well said buddy. George Toomer was the kind of guy I could call anytime to talk dirty to, and by god now matter when I called he was always was quick to oblige.

He would say "Well, Sure thing peaches, how are you doing?" Thank you Aaron, Phil and the DSVC for introducing me to good ole George Toomer, he was a breath of smoke filled air, he made me laugh, he made me blush, and damnitt he made me feel pretty.

ot to mention he was of the most talented illustrators of his time...I know our friend George made one hell of an entrance into heaven, with a smile, a laugh and a pretty nurse on his knee.

RIP you sweet thang, George Toomer, You will always be George the Tuna to me.