Tuesday, July 14, 2009

RIP Buffalo George Toomer

R.I.P. Buffalo George Toomer Sr.:
I got the news today (from Phil Hollenbeck) that they found George Toomer dead in his home yesterday. I wasn't surprised, but I still cried. I love that guy. He called me a week and a half ago to tell me that even though we didn't speak to each other as often as we used to that he knew that we were still really great friends. I agreed. I'll miss him and take every lesson that he ever taught me to heart. I remember asking him if he needed anything, like I would do everyday because I was his assistant and he would reply "A pile of cocaine about this tall (motioning with his cigar hand) and a girlfriend that will butt-fuck on the first date." And then he would smile in that George Toomer way (with his eyes). He was a Dallas celebrity and one of the best illustrators ever. The guy had an eye and knew his books and history. Goodbye, George. Rest easy buddy.
Aaron Barker

UPDATE: Spoke with Phil Hollenbeck and he spoke with Pat Foss (one of George's dearest friends). Pat said that Krista (I'm assuming George's new assistant) found George in bed on Monday. He apparently passed away in his sleep. Thank God for that. George's body is still at the medical examiners office being autopsied and there has been no plans made for a service at this time. I'll post when I hear more.


Casey McGarr said...

Dude, I'm sad too. Glad to read your story. George was one of a kind.

Thomas Arthur Schaefer said...

That man was an amazing Illustrator. So sorry to hear about this.