Wednesday, July 08, 2009

William Bryan Massey III:
Ok, Motherfuckers let me just say I rarely answer my phone if I don't recognize the number calling. Now, last night I got a weird number calling me that I did not answer. Then, I got a voice message. It said, "Aaron Barker .... What the fuck? I check my e-mail once a year. Call me back ... this is William Bryan Massey III." It took a little while to realize who this fellow was. He is this drunken Texas poet that I really like and admire. Think a redneck Bukowski from Texas. I have one of his books titled "Found On Road Dead: The First of the Aledo Poems '05" I love his shit. I guess I must have e-mailed him a while back. He returned my message. The only other writer to do this was Barry Gifford (Wild At Heart, Sailor's Holiday etc.), he returned my call personally and gave me his home address for me to send him my books to sign, in which he did. I've got a recording machine and this guys tele number so tonight when I get off of work. I'm gonna call him. We will see what happens. Until then, watch the video below and keep your eyes peeled for his limited edition handmade, self published books. He makes them out of recycled materials like beer 12-pack cartons and shit. Fuck me.
-A. Barker

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