Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Boy Howdy: Oh Man was that fire great last night! First fire in my fireplace. Just wish I had someone to enjoy it with. Also, this weekend I was reading this Sartre book that I bought somewhere. And I found this rad Olan Mills photo of some family in side this book. There was weird writing on the back. Hebrew, Russian? Not sure. But, anyways I made this post card and guess who it's going to? Yep. My buddy Thomas Schaefer. First of all cause he's my art buddy, but second he's been doing all this work on this blog so, I feel he deserves a little something for all his hard work. The lady on this postcard has been on dozens of postcards that I have sent out. Tom says he really likes when he gets another one of her in the mail. So, here ya go buddy. Thank you.

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Thomas Arthur Schaefer said...

She just showed up today... that's my gal!