Thursday, December 17, 2009

Nostalgia: This photo of the cigarette machine gives me nostalgic feelings. Makes me think of things long gone. Like phone booths and eight track cassettes. Makes me think of old cars and jukeboxes . I wonder aloud where these things have disappeared too. Junk yards, land fills recycling plants. When will we realize memories and these things that build memories just can't be discarded or forgotten about? I play music that makes me feel the same way. This ukulele that I play almost everyday gives me hope that things lost are not forgotten and things forgotten are not lost. In a world of uncertainty I know that this ukulele and this cigarette machine can take me to these place of times past. They quite essentially are time machines. I want to love, laugh and live so hard that I mark the world with my spirit. I hope that you understand. I will never forget you. You are my friends and my lovers.
-Aaron Barker

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