Friday, February 26, 2010

Favorite Thing To Do & Atlanta Weirdness

Here is one of my favorite sights and favorite things to do: record shopping. Last week while I was in Atlanta I hit up both Criminal Records & Wax N' Facts, both in Little Five Points. Damn that was good times. Also the photo below is the ceiling of a restaurant we ate at. It is owned by the same folks who own the Vortex, also in Little Five Points. The food was okay, but what do you expect when you eat Mexican food in Georgia. Nice atmosphere though for sure. I think I fixed my digital camera problems so hopefully soon I will have more created content instead of the internet found shit I have been posting. So, sorry about the phone camera blury-ness. Also, I will be at Flea Harvey's Sat. March 6th selling my own art and art from other artists. SO stop by that day and see me. Word.

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