Friday, April 30, 2010

I'm too Much With Myself I don't Wanna Be SomeOne Else

Last Night:
I drank six beers before I left the house. Robert made Carrie Wright a Penis cake for her birthday. It ain't wrong cause she's Wright.

She gave it head.

Those Darlins were the Shit. And so was John Wesley Coleman. But I didn't get any photos of him. He wasn't that cute.

I had so much fun I was an hour and a half late for work. My boss left this note on my computer monitor:

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Message From The Management

Aaron Barker is upset/not a happy camper. Is going offline. No emails, no tele, no witty fb posts, no gig updates, no blog no nada He is goin on a drunk for several weeks. If u see him in a drunkin mess crying and/or punching something do not look him directly in the eye and proceed with caution.
-The Management.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Breakfast of Champions

On Sunday morning... it was cold and rainy. I played my ukulele until everyone got up. It made me sad and the effects of that still linger, I'm sure i will get over it. But, Robert did makes this awesome breakfast. It was a quiche and blueberry pancakes. Delicious. The weekend ended really weird. Left a bad taste in my mouth. Not sure why. FYI. I pirated a couple albums off the internet. The first The Dead Weather's Horehound and it's fucking awesome. The second is The Flaming Lips' version of The Dark Side of The Moon. Brilliant for when you feeling down in the dumps. And I don't like Pink Floyd but this is amazing. Get that shit. I'm mos def buying both on vinyl. That's all I got today. Later.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Worried Man Blues

This is me, @ National Record Store Day, looking worried about the shit I have absolutely no control over. None what so ever. Like are we gonna run outta beer? BBQ? It takes a worried man to sing a worried song.

National Record Store Day - Good Records Dallas, Tx.

David Wilson took this photo of the Good Records Chicken riding me. Too awesome!

One of my favorite DFW acts: RTB2 fucking tearing it up at Good Records.

My first favorite DFW family The Backs: Eric, Lisa & lil Betty. Oh, and Mr. Robert Elorduy.

My Second DFW family The Youngbloods: Stephen, Suze & lil Sloane.

Taylor trying not to fill his hollow leg so quickly. In other words he was being a good boy unlike last years National Record Store Day. Where we both got shit faced very quickly on all the free beer.

The Good Records Chicken with Dallas Police Officer Steve O'Donnel. Both really cool cats um er a chicken and a cop.

Port-O-Potti Graffiti: Fart dog can't help it.

Just like heaven: the storage room at Good Records. I want my house to be like this. And it will be.

My free Good Records Sonny Bryan's BBQ lunch. Yum and a beer!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Hounds Tooth Surprise

Yeah it's almost the weekend
Time to be with my friends.
Drink a whole lot of beer again.
Go To National Record Store Day ... cause it's win win.
From ear to ear... GRIN.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fuck A Poem Of the Day

Fuck a Poem of the Day.
Make it go away.
Make it refuse to stay.
Write One? ... no way.
Fuck a Poem of the Day.

True Love Waits

This photo is inspiring to me. You can tell they love each other. And they like to have fun. They are probably old folks now. I'm sure they still love each other. And still are having fun. And the moustaches rock.

With love & adoration,
Aaron Barker

Pompous Paper Trail

My new thing, I guess, is working on paper. This first pic is a piece within my "Thumper" series. I haven't done too many of these but one of my BFF, Lisa Backs, asked me for one so I obliged. This is called "The Thumper Love Tornado". This second pic is a work in progress. Not sure if it's finished or it needs something. BTW I'm not taking suggestions. I will know it's done when I know. I hope ya'll have a good day.
Pompous Paper Trail

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bit O' Vandalizm! What!

I saw this bit o' vandalizm at the Hobby Lobby the other night and about fell down laughing. I know this is probably one of those One Tree Hill douchebag actors or something and that makes it even more funny. This was a huge poster with a lil additions for humorous effect. The peach fuzz cracks me up. Rad!

Down The Line

Some one gave me this illustration of me as a tip the other night at a gig. I really like it. They got the shape of my nose down and the intensity of my guitar playing plus a lil beard thrown in for good measure. Love it.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Texas Punk Rock Gods

“Shut the fuck up.” After the two went outside, witnesses testified Shaver asked Coker, “Where do you want it?” then pointed a .22 pistol at Coker’s cheek, pulled the trigger and fled in his truck.
That's fuckin Texas Punk Rock.
No fuss, no bullshit.
Townes Van Zandt was a Texas Punk Rock Troubadour
John Wesley Coleman III is a Texas Punk Rock Motherfucker.
Buffalo George Toomer was a Texas Punk in his own right.
Nathan Kelley was a Texas Punk Rocker.
Ben Fleming is a Mother Fuckin' Texas Punk Rocker.
Kara Howell is a Texas Punk Rocker.
No doubt Jeff Biehler is a Fucking Texas Punk Rocker.
James Spargo is a harry mother fuckin Texas Punk Rocker.
Billy Joe Shaver maybe the Original Texas Troubadour Punk Rocker.
“Hopefully things will work out where we become friends enough so that he gives me back my bullet.”
Let's all get drunk. and make Texas Punk Rock Honky-Tonk Heroes of ourselves in the parking lot.

Aaron Barker

Photo by Trinity.

Texturely Gratifying

My new Motorola phone kicks ass with its camera (only in daylight though no flash and I think there should be an accessory to solve that) and 4G of space. Love it. Here is a new series of photo textures that I'm taking. They just make me feel good for some reason. And there will be more to come. Stay tuned ....
-Aaron Barker

Monday, April 12, 2010

Down The Road

Down the road ...
The bluebonnets are in bloom.
And there's a stage awaiting my tune.
A beer top I will twist.
An your' face I will kiss.
Down the road....


Biding My Time

I had a great weekend. Most of it had to do with my oh so purdy and awesome Edited. Thank you for everything. And here is a pic of me playing the Frisco Bar last Thursday night. Awesome.

The photo here of me was taken by Trinity. Thanks.

Parade Of Flesh Presents ....

A bad ass Von Dada poster for one of my shows, Coming Soon....


I met this guy selling this '64 Ford Falcon Van. It's got a straight six and he even took me for a ride. He's asking $4,500. I got his number if your interested. Wish I could buy it. Sucks being broke and a slave to the man. Oh, well the ride was nice.
Happy Monday!

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Hoppy Go Lucky

This is me on Easter Sunday. Very hoppy after a lucky weekend.
With Much Love & Adoration,
Aaron Barker

Natasha Uhrich took this photo of me.

Scream To The Gods

Silently we are learning about each other.
Loudly we we sleep tangled together.
Softly we whoop & scream to the Gods.
Violently our bodies explore each other.
Your face refuses to vacate my thoughts.
Your body has hijacked my mind.
Are the road signs pointing further?
Or do the words shout stop?
The IS the confusing part.


R.I.P. Malcolm McLaren

Dead from cancer age 64. One of the creators of punk rock. Viva el Punk Rock.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Letter Bomb

Letter Bomb

I'm sending you a letter from my heart.
It's real simple: paper, pen, a postage stamp & the truth.
I hope you get it in time before it's too late.
I sat down with some beers and poured my heart out.

I'm sending you a letter from my heart.
Mere words but the feelings are true.
Believe me no tricks or gimmicks:
no disappearing ink and this message won't self destruct.

I'm sending you a letter from my heart...


Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The Wild Men of Borneo

The Wild Men of Borneo

Buffalo George Toomer is dead.
Uncle Eugene is in prison.
Nathan Kelley died of a heroin overdose.
My father is a self-made cripple.
Hunter Thompson shot himself dead in his kitchen.
Jimmy Lee Lindsey Jr. died of acute cocaine toxicity.
Warren Zevon died from lung cancer.
This country is dying from a lack of morale.
And there is much more ...
I keep all this in mind through out my days.
I repeat it over like a mantra for living.
The spirits of freedom live even though the purveyors may be done.
Time may forget, but I promise I won't.


(I don't know if I can keep this up. May go down to poem of the week. It's takin to much outta me.)

Monday, April 05, 2010

Poop Joke/Poem

Poop ....
Hell it's all art!

Happy Monday,

Friday, April 02, 2010

Rip Off Artist

This is a new painting I'm working on. The inspiration came from Thomas Arthur Schaefer's Jughead & Richie Rich paintings. Thanks Tom!