Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Texas Punk Rock Gods

“Shut the fuck up.” After the two went outside, witnesses testified Shaver asked Coker, “Where do you want it?” then pointed a .22 pistol at Coker’s cheek, pulled the trigger and fled in his truck.
That's fuckin Texas Punk Rock.
No fuss, no bullshit.
Townes Van Zandt was a Texas Punk Rock Troubadour
John Wesley Coleman III is a Texas Punk Rock Motherfucker.
Buffalo George Toomer was a Texas Punk in his own right.
Nathan Kelley was a Texas Punk Rocker.
Ben Fleming is a Mother Fuckin' Texas Punk Rocker.
Kara Howell is a Texas Punk Rocker.
No doubt Jeff Biehler is a Fucking Texas Punk Rocker.
James Spargo is a harry mother fuckin Texas Punk Rocker.
Billy Joe Shaver maybe the Original Texas Troubadour Punk Rocker.
“Hopefully things will work out where we become friends enough so that he gives me back my bullet.”
Let's all get drunk. and make Texas Punk Rock Honky-Tonk Heroes of ourselves in the parking lot.

Aaron Barker

Photo by Trinity.


Trinity (of haiku tofu) said...

Nice photo!

And your poem! So THAT'S why I never got to say goodbye.

Aaron Barker said...

I was done. I could here you guys all rowdy and shit. Just couldn't do it. Plus a truck load of gear. Pardon my strange Honky-tonk ways.

Aaron Barker said...

Thank you for the photos BTW. Only ones that were rockin so far. :)

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