Monday, April 19, 2010

National Record Store Day - Good Records Dallas, Tx.

David Wilson took this photo of the Good Records Chicken riding me. Too awesome!

One of my favorite DFW acts: RTB2 fucking tearing it up at Good Records.

My first favorite DFW family The Backs: Eric, Lisa & lil Betty. Oh, and Mr. Robert Elorduy.

My Second DFW family The Youngbloods: Stephen, Suze & lil Sloane.

Taylor trying not to fill his hollow leg so quickly. In other words he was being a good boy unlike last years National Record Store Day. Where we both got shit faced very quickly on all the free beer.

The Good Records Chicken with Dallas Police Officer Steve O'Donnel. Both really cool cats um er a chicken and a cop.

Port-O-Potti Graffiti: Fart dog can't help it.

Just like heaven: the storage room at Good Records. I want my house to be like this. And it will be.

My free Good Records Sonny Bryan's BBQ lunch. Yum and a beer!

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Anonymous said...

great times!