Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Maybe Some Day in A Dream

I found this on a blog some where and it made me cry:
Tell us about your boyfriend?
oh! hahaha hmmm, his name is dylan but i never call him that. his whole family’s deaf besides him, and his brother. he always signs dirty jokes to me or how much he likes me. he’s half korean, has curly hair and muddy eyes, covered with freckles on his shoulders, and is often told he resembles joseph gordon-levitt. we’ve been together for two years. i’m totally head over heels for him. i think we freak people out sometimes. we don’t go on “breaks”, we don’t have fights…and we’ll drop everything else just to drive to the lake front so we can drink barqs rootbeers out the bottle and listen to the jazz music from the sidewalk. my best friend emmanuel introduced us - emmanuel showed him a picture of me and he responded with “she’s so cute man, she could melt faces off”. less than twenty days later we’re laying on his floor at four am arguing over something i can’t even remember, excited and sleep deprived, and he kisses me mid-sentence. we’ve been obsessed with each other ever since. he knows me in ways few others have ever dared to try. he knows which fingers i like to be cracked, all the secrets i ever thought i was always going to have, which guitar chords remind me of my father, the certain smells that make me think of my mother, which colors i like together, he knows which lyrics could make me cry, what places make me feel safe, to always check my pockets for loose change before doing laundry. i think he’s the coolest guy in the world. he once wrote in the margins of one of my books “i love you even when you’re not thinking about it.” - i write about him here all the time. i’m sort of fascinated with him. he’s the only boyfriend i’ve ever had where i never had that feeling like i had to prove what we were or how we felt. we have nothing to prove. and to tell you the truth, i think we lucked out. two years ago we were so different, we were so new to everything. we changed together, we took pieces of each other and buried them beneath us where no one else could ever reach. he’s dark in the summers, he likes to kiss my shoulders, and lets me borrow all of his shirts so that they’ll smell like me.

And their pics:

here is some really great spoken word that was on the same blog.

Maybe someday some one will feel like this about me.

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