Friday, June 04, 2010

Love & a .45

Love & A .45 is my favorite movie ever. I've seen it more times than any other movie and it's totally Texas. Today I friended the director (C.M. Talkington) of this film on Facebook. (His sister Amy directed Night of the White Pants.) Really cool dude we exchanged a couple of e-mails where I talked up my favorite film ever. He gave me the scoop on his next couple of projects here is what his e-mail said:

nothing is definite (as fuckin' usual)... and i am still piecing money and cast together... but things are looking good on two projects... "RODEO FRY COOK" - the rise, fall, and redemption of a deep fry cook in West Texas... & "1977" - the story of a struggling Southeast Texas rock band trying to get to a concert on the day that elvis dies... am on a deadline to finish a sci-fi script this monday. if you stay in touch with me i will keep you posted amigo!

He also said that before to long that he would be back in Dallas and is planning to show a 35mm film version of Love here in the not to distant future. So keep checking back. When I hear something from C.M. I will pass it on. I can't fucking wait it's gonna be epic.

Aaron Barker


Love Movie Poster:

A Love still with Rory Cochran and Rene Zellweger:

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texasoutlawpoet said...

LOVE AND A .45 is a hip electric road trip road movie from hell that takes place on the black top back country roads and highways of the great state of Texas and all the way to Mexico. The main characters, Watty Watts and Starlene Cheatham, played with passion and truth by Gill Bellows and Renee Zellweiger, are star crossed lovers on a crash course to movie star heaven, as well as two of the coolest Texas outlaws to ever be portrayed on the big screen. These two love birds are pitted against their rivaled friend Billy Mac, played by Rory Cochrane in one of the best performances in the whole movie, in a ballsy and bloody race to freedom in Mexico, after a botched robbery turned homicide. Aside from the main characters, this film is full of vibrant cameos by the likes of Peter Fonda and Anne Wedgeworth, to name a few, and an amazing opening scene with multi-talented Austin actor/director Wiley Wiggins, in one of his early roles. Every single performance adds the heart of truth to this entirely original classic violent modern gangster film. The comfort in their parts and swagger in which the entire cast carry themselves in the movie is truly famous. This is a movie that does actually deliver the goods. With brilliant acting as well as casting, this shotgun blast of a movie was released in 1994 by ultra cool and down to earth Texas film maker C.M. Talkington, whose amazing writing, characters, plot and style make this film pop with crisp imagery and storytelling. Not to mention, an amazing soundtrack that adds a thump to your stomach and a rockabilly jingle of guitar by the likes of the Reverend Horton Heat, who also plays music behind strippers in the movie. Electric chair Huntsville prison stories, cops blasted in the face by psychopathic tweaked out ex cons, robberies gone awry, gruesome bloody scalp tattoos, shots of methamphetamines from high powered air needles, soul mate outlaw lovers on the run to freedom and life, burnt up hippies, and bumbling idiot thugs, this movies got it all. The best movie I’ve ever seen. RIP Dinosaur Bob!!!

-Jeff Callaway, Texas Outlaw Poet