Thursday, June 17, 2010

Magical & Needed Weirdness

Not a whole lot to say today .... but that I have anxiety and apprehension about the future. Don't really know what about but I've perpetually felt this way since I was a little boy. I hope something good is going to happen soon. Something magical and needed. Like a new love or a record contract .... Hey a guy can dream right? Fuck it I'm outta here. Projects Update: Drinking the Kool-Aid will be printed next month on the 15th and Honky-Tonk Haiku is coming on splendidly. Also, I'm going into the studio this weekend to record my new songs. Today's Inspiration: The dark mystery of Roy Orbison.

David Cahall's Honky-Tonk Haiku:

Altoids in a tin
You could suck me all day
Put me back in

With love and admiration,
Aaron Barker

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