Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Peyote Party 2012

The gang at the Texas Independence Day/ Hillbilly Celecration:

A wheat paste in Deep Ellum and if anyone has info on this please contact me:

Hot day .... so browsing @ Lula B's and look at the oh so purty colors:

Cool person/cool socks:




In response to your comment on my post: I'm definitely going to Dan's show in August! I'd friend you on FB, but I'm tryin' life out without it for awhile. I checked out your site for a bit-- when I have more time I'll browse around some more. Do you have any links to your music?

Aaron Barker said...

Yeah. FB sux. But I have to have it for my stupid music. These are older. I have gone electric like Dylan did back in '65. My show is better now.
Looking forward to meeting you. Any fan of Dan Sartians is a friend of mine for sure.
Later skater,