Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Update: Andy Young Solo/L.T.E.

Just got and update from Andy Young looks like he is putting the finishing touches on new solo E.P. titled
Flowers Of the God
. I told you I would pass on info when received. Let's hope this recording sees the light of day and they he starts playing gigs in support. And maybe some L.T.E. some where .... somebody? Come on.....

Update of the update:
Here is the first song to come out of this Andy Young Solo project and what he told the blog DaBowBow01 A Challanged Sound by The Flowers of God

I demoed two songs at my house in Oak Cliff about a week ago and re-recorded everything at Pearl Street Studios a few days after that with Kelly Upshaw from The Hope Trust. Kelly was kind enough to play the bass parts I’m not good enough to play, and to bear with me while I made bass noises at him trying to explain what I was attempting on the demos. We’ve recorded two songs so far and I have several more that we plan on getting done sometime before the end of April. It’s maybe that it starts as an EP or maybe since the process feels very easy that an LP will happen just as quickly.

Really I just sat down one day last week and said, “Today, for once in my life, I will finish a song” … and to my surprise I did. After I got that first one out of the way a few more came just as quickly. I guess I just finally decided that I had something to say, even if it was about parts of my life I’m not particularly proud of. Or things that I struggle with.

The name is actually what I wanted to call the backing band for the new Josh T. Pearson record, but we have other plans for that, so I just had to use it for myself as it seemed to get such a reaction (good and bad) from people when I mentioned it.

I’m not so much thinking about playing live at the moment as finishing the recordings. When that’s done I’ll assemble a crack team of people like me that can almost play, and we’ll see what happens.

I say:
drugs and heartache and regret and the country-fried sounds that only a person who has sweated their ass off in Texas their whole life can make. Kinda reminds me of something off of Lester Bangs Jook Savages on the Brazos

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