Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Divine Intervention

More and more I find myself looking towards the heavens in thought or maybe for guidance or maybe for inspiration or maybe for relief:

An idea:



Sometimes I have to really look for them, but when I get lucky I can see the most wonderful skies. Even in Dallas, with the lights and buildings and whatnot.
...I have a pretty poor Nice Sky/Inspiration ratio, though.

I'm totally down for hanging out/tacos. I'm usually either in class, working, or sleeping, so a taco break sounds nice. When's good for you, and what do you do when you're not doing music-y things?

And it's dry cat food. Definitely. Like you just opened a 50 lb. bag of it and inhaled.

Aaron Barker said...

hahahahaha Sarah. you are too funny. I'm just a dork/weirdo I listen to records, ride my bike, read, watch tons of movies, drink, look under rocks and generally soak up the dry cat food smell around deep ellum. BTW I didnt even notice the eyebrow thing.
Evenings and weekends are good for me. I work 9 to 5ish 5 days a week.


I just bought some probably-lame Elvis album (Elvis Sings Flaming Star) last night because A) I love Elvis and B) I thought it would make my night better.

So yay, records.