Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Hillside is Barren & Black

I've been attracted to and collecting photographs of lonely things. Here are a few that I have taken over the past few weeks. I don't think they need any explanation, but if you need one then ask:

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I Know You Are

I just found this video from well over a year ago. I'm playin my yamaha and not very good at that, but I do still like this song that I wrote:

Drunkin Sandwich: A How-To

First step is to come home from the bar lonely and really drunk. Now the process:
The Ingredients:

Cut the cheese (insert funny if not smelly joke here):

A well seasoned cast iron skillet is essential:

Turn the stove top on to medium high:

Add the butter, not I Can't Believe It's Not Butter:

Place bread in buttered heated skillet and add the cheese:

Now add the pepperoni, or ham or other choice finely sliced meats:

Press until bread is golden brown on one side:

Now flip and repeat on the other side:

When done cut in half and plate:

Enjoy and then clean kitchen and then pass out (In that order unless really drunk then go straight to bed and clean in the morning):

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Harverster Moon Of Sorrow

So last night, outside of my building, I sat on this bench:

Looking at this Harvest Moon:

The Harvest Moon is called the Harvest Moon because it comes in full around or on the autumnal equinox and rises shortly after sunset allowing farmers to harvest their crops even after the sun went down because they could work by the light of the full moon. I find this interesting. I love nature and all the intricate details that by themselves are so simple and pleasurable but together they engulf all of everything.

I have been reading another Larry Brown novel called Fay. Man it is a good book. He and Cormac McCarthy are probably my favorite writers. Last night I read a couple hundred pages before allowing myself the one beer in my fridge and to sit outside for awhile looking at this beautiful moon. I was thinking about the themes in the book that I mentioned above. Life. Death. Love. Hate. Sex. The fight for survival and all that is taken for granted. Humans are silly creatures. This is true. Me included. The celestial show kinda help put these thoughts and words into perspective. I can't really explain it. It's interesting how the world turns and time kinda gets dragged along with it. We have been pondering these thoughts since the dawn of the human mind and I'm nothing special. I understand this. But sometimes hope is the only thing that keeps the world turning.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Today's Libra Horoscope

Where romance is concerned, "X" marks the spot. Leave clues for someone to follow. The two of you will laugh out loud before the day is out.

A Forlorn Last Call

Again looking at the sky. Seeking divine intervention. Day in and day out. Wondering if the empty house I live in will ever come alive. Marks on my skin tell a story without words to express it's trajectory. I dance in my underwear drunk on booze and silliness while waiting and yelling at the Gods to come down and look me in the face fore I feel I deserve some kind of explanation. But, I never get one ... ever. The night is always darkest just before the dawn they say. They say a lot of things don't they? Don't look a gift horse in the mouth, they say. You can lead a horse to water but you cant make him drink, they say. Stop looking and it will find you, they say. Daniel Johnston says it wont find you unless your lookin and he's a fuckin idiot savant. People always have something to say to me. Whether it's the obvious or some shitty advice that they wouldn't follow themselves even if they walked a mile. The thunder rains inside my skull from lack of stimulation and a hand to hold. I feel as if I forgot how to feel sometimes. Phantom pains of what was or could never be. I get confused sometimes trying to work it out in my mind. Because of our rotation around the sun time seems linear. But when I try and recall those memories from the darkest corners of my storage facility it does not come in a linear fashion. It flows in a randomness that centers on chaos. A chaos I've learned to embrace. A chaos that breeds random violence, the unthinkable and the forlorn. What? I heard them say something .... I hope it wasn't last call. I need another.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Texas Special

The Texas Special ... why so special? day after day in the heat and the UV rays. With nothing to say. Hardly anyone even notices. But sometimes he doesn't care ... he has learned to go with the flow. Time stands as a waiting hand. Death will ignore no man. Traffic rushes past as he stands and stares at the cloudy sky.... looking for something. Always looking for something. What? Like the soft caress of a lover gone right instead of wrong. The longing look of a love letter when he opens his mail box. The way her penmanship makes his steely heart jump. The way she tells him things that he would never ask her about in a million years. The thing is, he has time, but not sure why or what that means. And doesn't want to be some sad, sappy story that people will tell in hushed tones to people who love to hear sad and wronged stories cause it makes them feel better about themselves. Like folks who watch Jerry Springer. One time a dog stopped and peed on him. He knew that it was fated and the right thing cause why not? The world doesn't discriminate or does it? Watching lovers hold hands and smile at each other as they pass he realizes that sometimes and most ways a lot of ideas and dreams of the future and the way things should be are just fucked.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Harlem, Texas USA

Harlem at the Nightmare On Elm St. last Friday night:

Rico aka the Shit Machine:

Cher on a stick:

Last Call:

Action Jackson or aka The Guacamole Kid:

Monday, September 20, 2010

Manic Monday

Cute li'l girl at the gay pride parade:

Street Car Named Desire:

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Francis Bacon Farmer

These are some of my most favorite and bad ass postcards I have recieved from my bestests buddy in Georgia Thomas Arthur Schaefer. He is a genius and is probably gonna get on the Bravo show Work of Art and kick some ass. Here is his website.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Life In Deep Ellum

Yes, because of a grease fire last night two stories up in my building my apartment flooded. It sucks. Wasn't as bad as it could have been. I count my self lucky because my Deep Ellum neighbors ran to my rescue and helped out. I am Deep Ellum:

Save Deep Ellum:

Another Kids piece:

An old obscure Sekto piece:

A loaf of bread slicing himself? Hilarious:

Mural by the old Club Clearview parking lot:

I think this is supposed to be Leadbelly:

Monday, September 13, 2010

Aaron Barker Videos

Desperate Juxtaposition

Staring at the sky again ..... lookin for something:

Ryan's kitchen art:

The Bare Wires in Dallas:

A $5 check I recieved in the mail for a gig .... I'm gettin rich:

Friday, September 10, 2010

Made With Hunger & Thirst

Long were the days of pain I have spent within its walls, and long were the nights of aloneness; and who can depart from his pain and his aloneness without regret?
Too many fragments of the spirit have I scattered in these streets, and too many are the children of my longing that walk naked among these hills, and I cannot withdraw from them without a burden and an ache. It is not a garment I cast off this day, but a skin that I tear with my own hands. Nor is it a thought I leave behind me, but a heart made sweet with hunger and with thirst. - The Prophet

This Monkey Has Gone To Heaven

Tony Bones just came back into town and I saw him Sunday night at the doublewide. Here are two brand new pieces that I found in the bathroom that night:

This is a secret spot in Deep Ellum one of the bartenders at one of my favorite bars showed me. All good children go to heaven:

I think this is another from the guy who does the "Kids" tag:

I found this one in the bathroom of Zini's last weekend. And I think its by the guy that did the one that I photographed on the gas pump island of 7-11:

This is behind Pete's. Who doesn't love T-Rex? Come on:

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