Friday, September 24, 2010

The Harverster Moon Of Sorrow

So last night, outside of my building, I sat on this bench:

Looking at this Harvest Moon:

The Harvest Moon is called the Harvest Moon because it comes in full around or on the autumnal equinox and rises shortly after sunset allowing farmers to harvest their crops even after the sun went down because they could work by the light of the full moon. I find this interesting. I love nature and all the intricate details that by themselves are so simple and pleasurable but together they engulf all of everything.

I have been reading another Larry Brown novel called Fay. Man it is a good book. He and Cormac McCarthy are probably my favorite writers. Last night I read a couple hundred pages before allowing myself the one beer in my fridge and to sit outside for awhile looking at this beautiful moon. I was thinking about the themes in the book that I mentioned above. Life. Death. Love. Hate. Sex. The fight for survival and all that is taken for granted. Humans are silly creatures. This is true. Me included. The celestial show kinda help put these thoughts and words into perspective. I can't really explain it. It's interesting how the world turns and time kinda gets dragged along with it. We have been pondering these thoughts since the dawn of the human mind and I'm nothing special. I understand this. But sometimes hope is the only thing that keeps the world turning.

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