Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Life In Deep Ellum

Yes, because of a grease fire last night two stories up in my building my apartment flooded. It sucks. Wasn't as bad as it could have been. I count my self lucky because my Deep Ellum neighbors ran to my rescue and helped out. I am Deep Ellum:

Save Deep Ellum:

Another Kids piece:

An old obscure Sekto piece:

A loaf of bread slicing himself? Hilarious:

Mural by the old Club Clearview parking lot:

I think this is supposed to be Leadbelly:



Shit. You are incredibly lucky. Wow. Even though your apartment flooded, at least you and your place didn't burn up. How bad is the damage?

And is the first one part of the muraling you did Sat.?

Aaron Barker said...

Damage wasn't bad. Had to get a bunch of clothes dry cleaned. Just water damage.

No that isn't part of the mural project that was worked on on Saturday. But it is part of the over-all mural project that was completed last year. The part that was worked on last weekend you can see in the background. The pillar painted white and blue. They got trees painted on them. I didn't really help. I just picked up garbage and brought a couple waters and face tissue for Amber cause she was sick.