Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Texas Special

The Texas Special ... why so special? day after day in the heat and the UV rays. With nothing to say. Hardly anyone even notices. But sometimes he doesn't care ... he has learned to go with the flow. Time stands as a waiting hand. Death will ignore no man. Traffic rushes past as he stands and stares at the cloudy sky.... looking for something. Always looking for something. What? Like the soft caress of a lover gone right instead of wrong. The longing look of a love letter when he opens his mail box. The way her penmanship makes his steely heart jump. The way she tells him things that he would never ask her about in a million years. The thing is, he has time, but not sure why or what that means. And doesn't want to be some sad, sappy story that people will tell in hushed tones to people who love to hear sad and wronged stories cause it makes them feel better about themselves. Like folks who watch Jerry Springer. One time a dog stopped and peed on him. He knew that it was fated and the right thing cause why not? The world doesn't discriminate or does it? Watching lovers hold hands and smile at each other as they pass he realizes that sometimes and most ways a lot of ideas and dreams of the future and the way things should be are just fucked.

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