Friday, September 10, 2010

This Monkey Has Gone To Heaven

Tony Bones just came back into town and I saw him Sunday night at the doublewide. Here are two brand new pieces that I found in the bathroom that night:

This is a secret spot in Deep Ellum one of the bartenders at one of my favorite bars showed me. All good children go to heaven:

I think this is another from the guy who does the "Kids" tag:

I found this one in the bathroom of Zini's last weekend. And I think its by the guy that did the one that I photographed on the gas pump island of 7-11:

This is behind Pete's. Who doesn't love T-Rex? Come on:

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Does the first one have two hand-stumps or two dicks? In "Titus Andronicus", one of the women has her hands cut off, and Shakespeare refers to them for the rest of the play as "stumps," which amuses me to no end.

The museum I work at owns me for the weekend (tonight til 10, tomorrow til 5ish, Sunday after 3). But it can/should be done.

Aaron Barker said...

I was thinkin' two dicks, but who knows. Tonight I'm takin it easy because I have been nursing this sore throat business and I promised to help with the Deep Ellum community renovations tomorrow (i.e. painting murals and help building community garden planters). Looks like Sunday? I'm confused are those the hours you work or are available for tacos? let me know lady.


Those are the hours I'm working.