Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Snow Blinded By The Light

I remember it was a snow storm like we had never seen before. I remember being in your cold house with you cooking in the kitchen and your dogs around my feet. I remember sliding down a frozen hill with you white knuckling the steering wheel while heading dangerously close and fast towards a MARTA bus. I remember listening to Arcade fire and crying on the inside because I knew we wouldn't last until the end of the song. I remember your neighbor's dog freezing to death tethered to his doggy house. I remember holding your hand as you slid on the ice in your Uggs. I remember the hate on your face when I refused to sleep with you and you threw the bath towel at me. I remember a lot of things about being cold and hopeful. But, now that's all that I remember ... no more, no less.

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