Monday, February 21, 2011

The Filth & The Fuzzy

I played a show in Abilene this past weekend. It was super rad. The people were amazing, the town old school. I kinda got away from technology for the weekend. I didn't take that many photos, but here are some of the highlights ... big metal boot at the gas station. When I get done with welding school I can make shit like this:

I was told that Harold's Pit BBQ was the shit and really it was:

Harold's smoker (note the ceramic crock to catch meat drippings. How fucking delicious!):

My plate ... the sauce was the jam:

My traveling partner ... Sarah. She was super fun, really sweet and low maintenance. I like that:



I need a cigarette hanging out of my mouth in that picture.

Aaron Barker said...

that would be way more bad ass and way more cuter. maybe some tattoos


I'll remember that for next time.