Thursday, February 03, 2011

What A Hot Rod!

I watched Jack Hill's The Pit Stop with Sid Haig and some bad ass race and hot rod scenes. I highly recommend:

Sid Haig is the man:

This gay three-wheeler I saw at target. I think it can fly to the moon:

I sold my old truck. Goodbye Lola. You was a good gurl:



When would it be necessary to chase someone down in a Target on a scooter? Answer: never. Love it.

Also, RIP Lola.

Thomas Arthur Schaefer said...

Personally... Haig is a dick in this film. Which is cool. Don't get me wrong. I'm just more a Rick Bowman guy myself.
DID YOU KNOW: According to director Jack Hill, it wasn't until they were actually shooting that he learned that Sid Haig, who plays Hawk, the racing champion, didn't know how to drive a car.