Thursday, March 03, 2011

Die Hippie Die!

While in Oklahoma City I ate at this rib joint. It was goooooood:

Their ribs are the shit:

I also, stayed at a motel behind this bar. I really like this bar. Very dark and dank and seedy:

I played at this bar. It was really rad:

These are the hippies that were talking shit and almost gt their ass beat by my cousin in the parking lot:

Me and Emmilene:


lightbulb oven said...

holy crap those ribs look awesome! i've never been to oklahoma, let alone OK city, and i've lived in texas for nearly 30 years.

Laura said...

Did you actually go into the HiLo? Never been in but heard it's a cool gay/bi/whatever bar for anyone.
And did you make it by WC's house?? You couldn't miss it.

Aaron Barker said...

Yes I went into the hilo for a couple drinks. It's a cool place not unlike many of the seedy bars here in Dallas. I liked it and it was cool. I'm pretty sure I coulda scored some drugs there if I needed. I did not make it by WC's house.