Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Rev. Dennis's Faded Hwy. 61 Worship

Going East on I-20 from Dallas To Atlanta I always stop in Vicksburg, Mississippi. Hwy. 61 and the Mississippi river run parallel to each other. They also run right beside Vicksburg in the case of the mighty Mississippi river and right through Vicksburg as in the case of Hwy 61. Hwy 61 is where Robert Johnson sold his soul to the Devil and where Bob Dylan I'm sure did the same. This place has great meaning for me. Also, along Hwy. 61 just north of Vicksburg is the humble home of Rev Dennis and his wife Margaret. They were great people and they built this huge folk art church for passer-bys to worship with their own two hands. Since the last time I visited Margaret has died and from what I've heard Rev Dennis (90-something-years-old) is in an old folks home. So I was very worried about the state of their church but to my surprise it is still there and it doesn't seem as if any thieves has picked it clean. Here is the way I found it a few days ago...

The front of the Bus Chapel:

The front of the house:

It's sad to see his rocking chair sitting as if he just got out of it. In fact the whole damned property seemed as if they had left yesterday:

I saw one lizard eating another:

Masonic imagery:

More masonic imagery:

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Yes. I have to go now. This all looks wonderful.