Friday, July 15, 2011

Burger & Fries Please

I saw this in Deep Ellum the other day ... in this day and age of corporate advertising and marketing folk trying to cash in on any dollar they can find under a fuckin rock. I've seen some ad campaigns that are supposed to fool the consumer into think that they are street art. I wonder if this is one of those? Obviously it's a Faile rip-off. (see image here) but with burger and fries instead of a bunny? and there is a QVC code. What really sends my mind running is the Texas shape next to it with what looks like the Carl's Jr./Hardees face in it. Is this a marketing scheme for their parent company CKE? I dunno know but pretty interesting shit and I'm left with more questions than answers. If any one knows what the fuck is going on here hit me up and educate a curious brother will ya? Thanks

these are digital photographs taken with my camera phone.

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