Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Night Beats On

This is a crappy pano pic that I pasted together in Indesign from crappy digital phone pics of the Night Beats when they played on the astro turf at Good Records last weekend. I drank a bunch of codeine cough syrup and made my way up to the front and they killed it. It was total scuzzed out psych garage rock. I loved it. I even got my copy of the UFO CLUB/Night Beats 10" signed. I was a happy feely good kinda way guy. Might of been the music ... might of been the cough syrup or a combo of the two but I had me a hella good time. My only thing was I wish it woulda lasted longer. The music not the cough syrup. no scrap that, both the cough syrup and the music.

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